We would like to extend a warm welcome to Trinity Family Medical Clinic!

All Patients

Appointment Check-In

All patients MUST present their ID and Insurance Card to the receptionist as well as update their contact information (e.g., Address, Phone Number, etc.) when CHECKING-IN for ALL APPOINTMENTS.

Confirming and updating your information is imperative so that we can continue to provide you with the best care possible as well as to avoid any billing issues.

Health Insurance

If you have any problems with your health insurance carrier, please contact your health insurance directly at the number located on the back of your health insurance card.

If you have any questions regarding eligibility and what insurances Trinity Family Medical Clinic accepts, please give us a call at 253.881.1844.

For any billing questions that you may have regarding your health insurance, please visit our Billing page to find out more information.

New Patients

Accepting New Patients

Dr. Guray is accepting new patients. Please call the clinic at 253.881.1844 or fill out the form on the Contact Us page to inquire about your eligibility to see Dr. Guray.

NOTE: Please do not include any confidential or sensitive health information in your message. Only include general information and we will contact you to discuss the specifics.

New Patient Application Process

Everyone who wants to become a new patient of Dr. Guray will go through the following application process:

  1. Apply by calling the clinic or by submitting an Online Request Form. (NOTE: DR. GURAY DOES NOT ACCEPT PAIN MANAGEMENT PATIENTS.)

  2. After submitting your application, Dr. Guray will review the application and decide whether she will see you for an initial visit.

  3. Once Dr. Guray makes her decision, the receptionist will give you a call to either schedule an appointment or inform you that Dr. Guray will not be able to take you on as a patient.

  4. Upon the scheduling of an appointment, the Clinic will mail you a NEW PATIENT PACKET for you to fill out and bring with you to your appointment.

  5. On the day of your appointment, Dr. Guray will get to know you and assess whether it is truly the right fit for her to be your primary care physician. If so, you have officially become a patient of Dr. Guray.

For your first appointment with Dr. Guray, please bring your ID and insurance card with you to present to the receptionist.  Also, please plan to arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your appointment since the check-in process for initial visits takes a little longer.

If you have any questions about the process or would like to apply over the phone, please give us a call at 253.881.1844.

Existing Patients

Patients Transferring to Dr. Guray's New Clinic

If you are a patient of Dr. Guray, but have not seen her in over a year or if it is your first time seeing Dr. Guray at her new clinic, you must reestablish yourself as her patient and follow the New Patient Application Process.  We are using a different Electronic Health Records (EHR) system from Dr. Guray's previous clinic and, therefore, we must create a new patient chart within our system.

Scheduling Appointments and Prescription Refill Requests

Appointment scheduling requests and prescription refill requests MUST be done over the phone, in-person, or through your pharmacy (Refill Requests Only). This is to ensure that all your information is kept confidential in accordance with HIPAA regulations and allow the medical assistants and Dr. Guray to confirm whether the prescription can be refilled or if you need to schedule a follow-up appointment.

Medical Records Request

If you require a copy or your complete medical records for any reason, please contact the clinic at 253.881.1844.

MultiCare MyChart Patient Portal

If you are a current patient of Dr. Guray and are in need of an appointment you can schedule one by either calling the clinic at 253.881.1844 or by logging into your MyChart patient portal.

Through MyChart you can schedule doctor's appointments, request prescription renewals, review your health history, and more. If you are using MyChart for the first time, you can request a MyChart activation code by filling out a form online or stop by the clinic and ask Dr. Guray for your personal access code.