Available Loan Amounts Range from $1,000 up to $35,000

LendingUSA helps you get easy and affordable financing – so you can buy more of the goods and services you want, when you want them. All loans include zero interest rate on principal option promotion if paid in full in six months and checking your payment won't hurt your credit score!

The Power of Zero

  • ZERO Penalty Interest Rate

  • ZERO Prepayment Penalty

  • ZERO Collateral

  • ZERO Hassle

  • ZERO Delay

Choose a Monthly Payment that Fits your Budget

The range of monthly payment amounts for the terms discussed above are based on aprs, which range from 16.39% to 29.99% apr. the apr offered to you will depend on such factors as your credit score, application information, loan amount, and credit history. the zero interest rate on principal option promotion includes a non-refundable origination fee of 8% that results in an apr up to 29.99%. the non-refundable origination fee will be included in the principal loan amount and withheld from the loan proceeds.

ZIPLOAN vs A Credit Card

*Subject to credit approval

Easy 3 Step Application Process

  1. Apply at the provider's office, on your computer, or on your mobile device.

  2. Choose your term and monthly payment.

  3. Sign your online agreement.


Med Loan Finance

More Approvals, More Options

Med Loan Finance specializes in helping people with their financing needs for their Medical and Dental Procedures. With their dedicated network of partners of both secured and unsecured options, and their experienced agents, they are dedicated to finding you the best option available with some of the most competitive rates.

Benefits of Applying for a Credit Card

  • 0% Initial Interest Rate Options

  • Lowest Interest Rates Available

  • Secured and Unsecured Options

  • No Prepayment Penalty

  • Terms up to 60 Months

  • Approves Amounts up to $50,000

Easy 3 Step Application Process

  1. Apply online, by fax or phone, or at the provider's office.

  2. Fill out Loan Search Form (This enables you to obtain the best offers including Minimum Payments of 1% of Balance).

  3. Check loan status (Look for email notification or check status on-line at www.MedLoanFinance.com or Call 1-800-504-4053).